[c-nsp] Names of various cisco operating systems

Justin Shore justin at justinshore.com
Fri Mar 20 12:14:40 EDT 2009

Ah, I'm with you now.  I'll stop messing with these damn IDSM2s then. :-)

I don't know what their internal dev name would be but then again I 
seriously doubt if many other people using SNMP::Info would either. 
Were it me I think I'd name it something like this:

FWSM 3.2(10)
IDSM2 6.0(1)E1
ACE 3.0(0)A1(2)

To the best of my knowledge those platforms are unique enough to not be 
lumped in with something else.  Perhaps that IDSM2 could be lumped 
together with IDS/IPS appliances if they run the same code (I can't 
remember).  Those guys are unique.

That's my thought anyway

Sam Stickland wrote:
> All,
> I should clarify. I have access to all these types of devices, that's 
> why I'm adding the support to SNMP:Info in the first place :)
> "Cisco Firewall Services Module Version 3.2(10)" strikes me as just a 
> description of the device, rather than containing an operating system name.
> A Catalyst 4948 runs 'IOS', an Cat5500 ran 'CatOS', but an FWSM simply 
> runs 'Version 3.2(10)'? Does the operating system itself actually have 
> an offical name on these platforms? (e.g. once upon a time PIX's ran 
> Finesse)
> Sam
> Justin Shore wrote:
>> SNMPv2-MIB::sysDescr.0 = STRING: Cisco Firewall Services Module 
>> Version 3.2(10)
>> I can't get SNMP to work on a IDSM2 or I'd send you that output too.
>> Justin
>> Sam Stickland wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm in the middle of preparing a patch for SNMP::Info to detect the 
>>> operating systems and versions running on a wider range of Cisco 
>>> equipment.
>>> It's left me somewhat stumped what to write in the "os" field for 
>>> most of the devices below. IOS has a name, CatOS has a name, but what 
>>> on earth is the operating system called on these:
>>> Application Content Module
>>> Firewall Services Module
>>> ASA (version 8+)
>>> Content Content Switch
>>> I can obviously called them whatever I like (e.g. Os: CSS ; Version: 
>>>, but if there are offical names I'd like to use them.
>>> Sam
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