[c-nsp] Optical module transmit power

Marian Ďurkovič md at bts.sk
Fri May 1 11:40:01 EDT 2009

On Fri, 1 May 2009 15:05:35 +0100, Michael Robson wrote
> The circuit supplier quoted dB values for the links on handover which  
> should have meant that most of the links would have been within  
> acceptable values: perhaps the 6500-quoted values aren't very accurate?

Values reported by ZR XENPAKs are quite precise, so if they report RX level
which is much worse than expected, you have to look for dirty connectors, faulty
patchcord or the like problems. Our installation team tried to blame XENPAKs for
inacurrate measurements several times, but after closer investigation it always
turned out that the fault was somewhere else. It's nothing uncommon to see 3 dB
extra loss on just one dirty connector.


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