[c-nsp] Optical module transmit power

Will Hargrave will at harg.net
Sat May 2 07:58:02 EDT 2009

Michael Robson wrote:

> The circuit supplier quoted dB values for the links on handover which
> should have meant that most of the links would have been within
> acceptable values: perhaps the 6500-quoted values aren't very accurate?

If you haven't done so, meticulously clean the optics, cables, ferrules.
 It can make quite a difference, and should really be standard procedure
when doing anything with singlemode imho. Also worth testing with a
lightmeter as part of the installation process.

<plug> We are hopefully going to have a presentation on this at a future
UKNOF later this year - see www.uknof.org.uk </plug>


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