[c-nsp] BGP Med and outbound metric

Pshem Kowalczyk pshem.k at gmail.com
Fri May 1 22:42:29 EDT 2009


2009/5/1 Matthew Huff <mhuff at ox.com>:
> Since we use BGP as peering to our ISPs, and don't use BGP internally in our core, I haven't used MED or local_pref much. However, we have two routers connected to another ASN (not via the internet) and I'm trying to influence their return path since we are getting asynchronous routing. I'm trying to use MED to advertise a lower preference out our second router but it doesn't seem to be working. Any suggestions?


Another option that you can try is as-prepending - instead of setting
higher metric.
Try this:

route-map setMED-LOW permit 10
 match ip address routemap_ecn
 set metric 200
 set as-path prepend 14607

Even if they reset the metric this should work (unless they influence
the decision with weight or local_pref).

kind regards

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