[c-nsp] Out of Band Network

Mike Louis MLouis at nwnit.com
Mon May 4 17:55:24 EDT 2009

Hey Folks,

I am building an out of band network and was wondering what everyones experience was with the following products. I am planning on using an 1841 configured as terminal server in each closet with 1-2 HWIC-8A slots in each router depending on the number of lines that I need for the devices in that closet. I am going to be linking them all 1841s in each closet together with 8 port 2960s or reused 2950 series switches coresident. These 2960/2950s will all be home runned over fiber back to a core for the out of band network.  Some of the closets in the design are uplinked into distribution layer closets over Cat5e cable. Nothing exceeds 300 ft, however, I am not sure how far I can stretch these Async lines to the console ports from the distribution to access layer switches. Does anyone know how far I can go with an RS-232 line over Cat5e? All I need is 9600 baud to talk to the console port at the other end.

Thanks in advance


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