[c-nsp] 3750/4500 as PE?

Jeff Kell jeff-kell at utc.edu
Wed May 6 14:42:10 EDT 2009

Anyone running a 3750 or 4500 as a PE router (nothing fancy, just
inter-VRF iBGP that really "imports/exports" routes)?

We have a VRF-lite network but at this point only one iBGP mesh point
(PE).  There are cases where some of the nodes attached to the current
PE could ideally route between VRFs locally without spitting it out to
the PE and back.  In our case we have a "core services" VRF that is
essentially imported into every VRF.  It's a straight shot across the
core IX subnet if I could put the "core services" presence on some of
the CEs rather than the extra hop to route through the core.

Trying to avoid statics...


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