[c-nsp] Nexus 5000?

James Slepicka cisco-nsp at slepicka.net
Wed May 6 14:58:59 EDT 2009

I've deployed a couple of 5020s with 2148ts because I need the 10Gb port 
density (for low-latency communication between a lot of 10Gb servers and 
for aggregation of 1Gb ports).  I don't know enough of your client's 
requirements to say whether this is the right choice for them, but one 
potential deal-breaker is that the Nexus 5k is layer 2 only, so it may 
be inappropriate for use in the 'core'.

In any event, I haven't spent a ton of time working on these devices, 
but I, or members of my team, have run into a few 'issues':

    * It's not IOS.  Probably not a big deal, but there are some
      potential training issues, some changes in the way you normally do
      things, etc.
    * No VTP support (yeah, I know, but I use it and like it)
    * QoS support is limited (due to cut-through switching, I suppose). 
      No DSCP, no marking functionality, ...
    * 2148t ports are 1Gb only (5k SFP ports as well?).  No place to
      plug in my cheap-o 100Mb management switches/devices.

In my opinion, if you don't need the 10Gb port density, you're probably 
better off with what you're already using.


ChrisSerafin wrote:
> I have a client that Cisoc is recommending the Nexus line of switches 
> for their data center. They will be using IBM blade switches and I'm 
> guessing these would be the 'core'.
> They are looking at (2) Nexus 5010's and (2) Nexus 2000's.....totaling 
> 60K.
> I'm wondering why this would be recommended, since the only added 
> feature of the Nexus line from Cisco.com's video is that they have 
> 10GB ports.....and really nothing else.
> I'm almost ready to recommend my favorites....3750G's for this scenario.
> Anyone have real world experience wirking with these devices and can 
> share comments? good or bad, and why you went with them?
> Thanks
> Chris
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