[c-nsp] SUP720 IDB Limit

Paul Stewart paul at paulstewart.org
Fri May 8 15:52:47 EDT 2009

I would tend to agree - ASR series from Cisco would be next upgrade, at
least that's where we're headed at some point I think....

To answer your original question though, we've found on the 7206VXR-NPE2G
that we'll run out of CPU long before IDB's.  Here's a box running at
average of 30% CPU at any given time:

Maximum number of Software IDBs 32000.  In use 2166.

                       HWIDBs     SWIDBs
Active                   2160       2161
Inactive                    4          5
Total IDBs               2164       2166
Size each (bytes)        3072       1328
Total bytes           6647808    2876448

We figure this box will top out at about 5-6000 before the CPU is too high
(50% or so is where we like to max out at).

Just my two cents worth ;)


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Stephen Kratzer wrote:
> All,
> We're looking to step up from the 7200 series to the 7600 series for DSL 
> aggregation. Anyone know what the IDB limit is for this platform (#show
> We're at about 15000. Thanks.
Isn't the 7600 a particularly bad choice for this job?

Wouldn't an ASR1K be better?

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