[c-nsp] Some advice on switches....

Chris Knipe savage at savage.za.org
Wed May 13 08:44:18 EDT 2009


We are looking currently to deploy a large scale network with 288 x 10/100
Ports.  Currently, we are basing this equipment on a configuration of 1 x 24
Port 2960, 2 x 48 Port 2960 in one cabinet, and 1 x 24 Port 2960 with 2 x 48
Port 2960 in another cabinet.  This is then tied together at a 3560 24 Port
10/100/1000 switch with 4 SFPs for future expansion (naturally, running
things like EtherChannels between all the 2960 switches).

Based on the large amount of 10/100 Ports required, I am believing that it
would be cheaper to invest into a modular switch, such as a 6500 and just
add a few blades.  So far, the bit of pricing I have seen on the blades are
very, very cheap.  Our requirements would be for 288 10/100 Ports, and a few
(no more than 16, 24 max) 1GB ports, and hey, fantastic if we can later
upgrade to 10GB interfaces by installing a module.

What I am wondering, is how close to EOL is the 6500 series?  Those switches
has been around for quite a while, and I see that certain models are already
at EOL.  What could I possibly look at?  We don't require a massively fast
backplane, nor long distance capabilities at this stage - frankly, the
network would perform very well with the 2960s and 3560s as mentioned above
- I am looking at a modular switch at this stage, purely from a pricing

If I am to look at a 6500 (or another model), what kind of modules would  I
need to look at?  I've seen lots of different modules for the 6500 already,
but apart from the actual blades with the Ethernet ports, I'm a bit lost as
to what is required.... 

Thanks allot, and I look forward to some constructive criticism as always :)


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