[c-nsp] 7600 eigrp offset-list problem

Ramcharan, Vijay A vijay.ramcharan at verizonbusiness.com
Wed May 13 11:30:07 EDT 2009

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Same IOS here, similar code...
We use under address-family...
  offset-list 0 out 25 Port-channel1.xxx

We will take a look to the config after a reboot. 
We didn't reboot the router yet.
Do you know if it is a well know bug?
Did you open a SR to ask for a reason for this behaviour?

El mié, 13-05-2009 a las 14:23 +0300, Dan Sabau escribió:
> Hi,
> we have the following problem, if a router reboots when it comes online 
> the part of the config with the offset-list within router eigrp is 
> ignored, you have to do something like:
> conf t
> router eigrp X
> no  offset-list permit-any in 128257 Vlan2764
>  offset-list permit-any in 128257 Vlan2764
> Does any body know how to fix it?
> The ios is: 12.2(33)SRC1 we have tried SRBx and the problem was there too.
> 10x

Interesting problem. Labbed it up with available hw (1700 and 7206). 1700 runs 12.4.17. 
Offset list seemd to work after reboot of the 1700 (where the offset list was applied). I can only assume that you have a platform/code version issue. 

Did you try using a route-map to achieve the same functionality? 
Is the behavior the same? 

router eigrp <num> 
 distribute-list <etc> 

route-map <name>
 match ip address <acl>
 set metric +/- <num>

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