[c-nsp] 'Simple' BGP multi homing

ChrisSerafin chris at chrisserafin.com
Tue May 19 14:00:03 EDT 2009

I have 2 ISPs connecting at my data center at the moment, both with 
simple basic static routes, and I would like to multi-home them to 
provide redundancy in the event one goes down.

I have created a simple diagram here: http://chrisserafin.com/WAN-BGP.jpg

I have a few assumptions, so let me know if I'm on the correct page:

    * I will need to get both routers setup for BGP peering to their ISPs
    * I will need to request/buy a new IP block and AS from ARIN that
      both routers will advertise

I'm hoping I can 'lab this up' if both routers have spare 
(gig/fa)ethernet ports...sound possible?



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