[c-nsp] 'Simple' BGP multi homing

James Greig james at mor-pah.net
Tue May 19 14:38:16 EDT 2009

Hi Chris,

Just out of interest, what model routers are you intending to use to achieve 
this?  Also, are you aiming to load balance between the two peers?

James Greig

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Subject: [c-nsp] 'Simple' BGP multi homing

>I have 2 ISPs connecting at my data center at the moment, both with simple 
>basic static routes, and I would like to multi-home them to provide 
>redundancy in the event one goes down.
> I have created a simple diagram here: http://chrisserafin.com/WAN-BGP.jpg
> I have a few assumptions, so let me know if I'm on the correct page:
>    * I will need to get both routers setup for BGP peering to their ISPs
>    * I will need to request/buy a new IP block and AS from ARIN that
>      both routers will advertise
> I'm hoping I can 'lab this up' if both routers have spare (gig/fa)ethernet 
> ports...sound possible?
> Thanks
> --chris
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