David Freedman david.freedman at uk.clara.net
Tue May 19 20:35:08 EDT 2009

Anybody seen these messages occur frequently?

> May 18 09:19:31 box 575: May 18 08:20:37 UTC:
> %C4K_PKTPROCESSING-5-NOTAPPLYINGACL: Not applying Output Acl for packet
> udp srcHost dstHost tos 0 srcPort 934
> dstPort 2049

According the error decoder, they are CAM programming issue but that is about the level
of detail it goes into, I would infer from this that they should only be seen rarely
but I'm starting to see them frequently, box is 4948 running 12.2(25)EWA10, bugtool
as usual has nothing.

Any pointers appreciated.


David Freedman
Group Network Engineering 
Claranet Limited

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