[c-nsp] ASA5520 which image should I use?

Scott Granados gsgranados at comcast.net
Thu Sep 24 16:50:30 EDT 2009

Hi, I'm running a pair of ASA5520 devices as VPN concentrators.  Presently 
there is a software image installed that seems very old and was actually 
shipped with the devices before I arrived on the scene.  I'm experiencing 
some issues with bringing up L2L tunnels and figured that a firmware update 
was in order.  What version are folks using successfully?  I was thinking of 
going with the 8X code but not sure which one to choose.  The features I'm 
using are very basic and include simple client access and LAN to LAN access, 
I'm not using the anyconnect or web VPN features at this point.  Which image 
do you think would fit the bill the best?  Any pointers would be 

Thank you

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