[c-nsp] Smartnet pricing?

Garry gkg at gmx.de
Tue Sep 29 01:32:21 EDT 2009

Richey wrote:
> is buggy for whatever it is they are trying to do.     They contacted their
> "rep"  and the rep said Cisco wants them to pay for the last 5 years of
> smartnet plus however many going forward  in order to get the image.  They
> were quoted over $25k just to upgrade an image.   The part that sounds fishy
> is being forced to pay for 5 years of smartnet.   Does this sound right?
Apart from the fact that I've had several occasions where there weren't
any complaints about getting SMARTnet for older gear (and the serial was
sent in when ordering, so $C knew it was older and off of SN for a
while) - If what you're after is the IOS update, and you're being quotet
for the time in between, why not go software-only SMARTnet? It even
contains config/TAC support (if ever required), full access to the
download area, and it's something like half of the regular SNT ... plus,
there's no logical reason to require a re-cert, as your hardware itself
isn't covered ...


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