[c-nsp] Recommendation request for gateway router specs

Jon Lewis jlewis at lewis.org
Mon Aug 30 16:35:16 EDT 2010

On Mon, 30 Aug 2010, Nick Voth wrote:

> Gig E connections (fiber and copper) to 2 separate upstream networks
> 1 or 2 Gig E connections back to our LAN
> eBGP, (probably a full BGP table for multi-homing capability)
> I know the BGP takes a lot of memory, but I'm new to having to manage a full
> BGP routing table.
> Beyond that, our needs for this piece of hardware are pretty simple. It
> doesn't need a lot of expansion capability, but does need to be hearty
> enough to handle the GigE, BGP, limted QoS and ACL configs.

You need to better define "handle the GigE".  Do you want this router to 
actually route roughly 1gbps?...or just do a few hundred mbps over the 
various GigE ports?

> I'm most familiar with the 7206 VXR series, but that seems like over kill
> for this solution. Anyone have any general recommendations or guidance you'd
> be willing to share?

If you want full line-rate routing performance, the VXR may not even be up 
to the task.  A VXR with NPE-G2 might work.  Any lesser NPE isn't going 

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