[c-nsp] Hybrid to Native conversion

Pete Templin petelists at templin.org
Sun Feb 7 10:19:29 EST 2010

Sony Scaria wrote:

> I have an old  6500 with SUP2 and MSFC2. I Need to convert the configuration
> to IOS format. Is there any tool available which expedite the process than a
> manual conversion?

Do you have any Sup2/MSFC2 that are already native?  If so, format some 
extra PCMCIA cards in IOS with your desired image on them.  You'll 
format faster (most likely) and have much quicker software copy times. 
I just did a pile of these in November and January, and having a ready 
stack of cards cut the conversion time to probably <30 minutes, 
including some reloads and reboots afterward to verify config registers 
and configuration loads.


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