[c-nsp] 3560G as WAN-aggregation-layer

Jeff Bacon bacon at walleyesoftware.com
Mon Feb 8 18:09:04 EST 2010


I know this is going to sound pretty, well, lame. But... 

I currently have a couple of routers (a 7204/NPE-G1 and a 3845)
front-ending my WAN connections, which are all metro Ethernet, mostly
gig ports which are policed at some CIR, or 100Mbit. The routers are
big, expensive, and really don't do much - oh, someday I would like to
do some QoS...someday. 

So, there is this pile of 3560Gs in the corner. I've had
less-than-impressive experiences with them as server-farm access
switches, which is why they are there. However, I'm thinking that for
handling a handful (4-6) of Gig-Es/100Ms which are mostly not running at
capacity, as long as I distribute the ports out amongst the port ASICs
(so each line has the full 2Mbit TX buffer of the port ASIC to itself),
and as long as I don't do something stupid like put all 4 ports of a
4-port etherchannel in ports 1-4, they ought to be fine. 

The switches don't need to do much - pass the traffic, run EIGRP, a
little light QoS. Our route table is tiny, relatively.

Am I going to regret this?
Conversely, how much can I really expect out of an NPE-G1? 

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