[c-nsp] Best practice - Core vs Access Router

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Feb 9 12:56:34 EST 2010

On 09/02/10 17:39, Church, Charles wrote:
> I was going by the 'show proc cpu hist' he gave for both the SP and RP.
> Both looked pretty bad across the board.

His graphs don't look that dis-similar to mine, and we have no such 
problems. The peak/avg CPU don't look so unreasonable to me given the 
load and setup he's described.

To summarise in this thread, it has been suggested:

  1. Netflow is the problem - to which the OP said he's already tried 
disabling it

  2. CPU punts, specifically gleans, are the problem - in which case 
CoPP or MLS rate limiters can be tried, but the OP really IMHO needs to 
confirm this with a span of the CPU

  3. The 6500 is just no good buy a juniper or asr1k (!) which I 
strongly dispute. It may be awkward and have odd limits, but it OUGHT TO 
HANDLE the load we've been told about; therefore something is wrong

...and lots more besides. I'm exhausted from following the thread, but 
my advice to the OP is to determine what is hitting the CPU *during an 
outage*, then proceed from there.

I'm going to stop reading now.

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