[c-nsp] Best practice - Core vs Access Router

Łukasz Bromirski lukasz at bromirski.net
Wed Feb 10 14:12:02 EST 2010

On 2010-02-10 19:44, Andy B. wrote:
> I am currently facing this strange behaviour once again. Nothing
> suspicious in terms of CPU:

Are you still running SXF15a? David advice was already - move to SXI
to stay out of trouble, as SXF train is already EOS and will hit
end of software maintenance by December 2011. If You need to stay by
SXF go to SXF17 and then try to troubleshoot.

My first guess is - have You had any problems with TCAMs overflowing
in the past? If so, in the nearest service window reload the box,
to clean up the cache and TCAM contents. I'm only guessing that's your
problem, but mysterious drops on the traffic with no process hinting
high RP/SP CPU may be the issue here. As well as David noted - any
errors/drops on the interfaces themselves.

Any CoPP configured on the box? mls rate-limiters?

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