[c-nsp] High CPU a issue for voice traffic?

Junks2you junks2you at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 01:28:29 EST 2010

Hi Guys,

Currently we were hitting some high CPU issue. One of the 6509 with SUP720 standing in the core hiked to 96% percent very randomly in the past 72 hours or even longer. Write memory, SNMP, software switching could be the cause, we don't know yet. Everything seems working fine now. Although it now gets to normal level, am wondering if it could affect the voice calls (handled by Call manager 7) while the CPU usage reaches above 90%. Since we are not able to simulate this issue, I just hope it wouldn't be a 'bomb' there. Simply speaking, is high CPU utilisation a issue affecting voice traffic passing through this core switch? 

 Thanks in advance for the input.


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