[c-nsp] c3750ME, IPv6, and IS-IS -- can't find the IOS

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Mon Feb 15 23:58:46 EST 2010

On Tuesday 16 February 2010 06:02:58 am Leif Sawyer wrote:

> Erm, I've running  12.2(46)SE   with IS-ISv4  very
>  successfully.

You're right, I was mixing up platforms (the 3560/3750, to 
be exact, since I asked Cisco for IS-IS support on this more 
than 2 years ago).

The 3750ME has had IS-IS support for a long time (I think as 
far back as IOS 12.1AX).

> But v6 support is the actual question, thanks.

The last time I asked my SE, Cisco's plan was to make v6 
support or IS-IS for the 3750ME available at the end of 
2010, since we also have a couple of these boxes in the 

Given previous Cisco schedules, this could easily be 2011.


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