[c-nsp] Renumbering serial interfaces

Paul Stewart paul at paulstewart.org
Wed Feb 17 13:25:27 EST 2010

Test this ahead of time with a lab box if you can ;)

What I've done in this scenarios is to build the snippets of config I need
to apply and put them into a plain text file.  Then do a "copy
tftp://blahblah/filename running-config" which merges the changes.  Before I
do the copy I do a "reload in 15" in case it fails so that I know I can get
back into the box in 15 minutes.... YMMV...

Please test this though as I haven't done it in a while but did work for my
needs at the time...


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I have a bunch of T-1 (ATM) interfaces that I need to renumber. I have
always done this with 2 people, one on each end. Is it possible for one
person to do this, from one end ?
If I am on the near side, I log into the far sides serial IP and do this:

LALMR_2620(config)#interface ATM0/0.32 point-to-point
LALMR_2620(config-subif)#ip address

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