[c-nsp] [cisco-voip] FW: Getting Unity to work when in SRST mode.

Leslie Meade lmeade at signal.ca
Fri Feb 19 10:25:35 EST 2010



One way it can be done, depending on how many people need voicemail while the link is down, as it uses spare DID’s


Is to change the outbound calling number to a DID that is not in use and when it hits your gateway/callmanager use a translation pattern to change the calling number back into their local. Since the link is down the default (if you got it setup) it to on fail goto voicemail.


Example CME user has ext 2106 , get the dial plan to ring the “new DID” 604-345-5670, when it rings this number make a translation pattern to change it  back into 2106.

But this depends on how many unused DID’s you got and how many people. It is not very scalable buy it gets around the RDNIS issues and it works.




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