[c-nsp] 6500 SVI Question

Paul Stewart paul at paulstewart.org
Mon Feb 22 20:30:50 EST 2010

Thanks Tim.... whew! ;)

Actually, I was misreading the bandwidth statement itself  - missed a zero
earlier so thought you could only set it to 1 Gig, now I realized you can
set it up to 10GE.  Updated it to 2Gig and everything good now..

Much appreciated,


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Hi Paul,

The bandwidth does not affect the throughput etc and doesn't take 
into account the underlying L2 interfaces bandwidth. It strictly for 
use by the routing protocols to determine metrics (and can be 
modified using the "bandwidth" interface command). Also you can 
change the reference b/w using "ospf auto-cost reference-bandwidth" 
under the "router ospf" process.

Hope that helps,

At 04:56 PM 2/22/2010, Paul Stewart mumbled:

>Hi there...
>Typically when we require higher bandwidth, we upgrade the interface to
>something larger ... recently though we were faced with having to do 2XGE
>a LAG until our new 10GE ports arrive.  The SVI interface shows a bandwidth
>of 1 Gig even though there are two physical GigE interfaces "connected" to
>it.... will there be any issues doing more than a Gig on this SVI
>This is the first time amazingly that I've run across this ;)
>The card where the two GigE's come into is a 6148A-GE-TX and the ports are
>at opposite ends of the physical card...
>Thanks, appreciate it as always...
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