[c-nsp] MPLS and NAT

Primoz Jeroncic jp at softnet.si
Thu Feb 25 06:45:10 EST 2010


I have very specific config of MPLS and to be honest, I have no idea
how to configure this. In this rare case CCO doesn't seem to be very
helpful... or at least I can't find any samples for this.

I have central location, and few subsidaries. MPLS VPN is configured 
between these, and everything works fine. Now there will be some changes
in config, and client would want that all subsidaries would be connecting
over NAT with one single IP address. This means, that I should be doing
NAT on PE router (on vrf interface), so that I would translate all
subsidaries' networks into one single IP on central (main) location.
On central location's PE my (relevant) config looks like this:

ip vrf mpls1
  description MPLS VPN for Bankart-Emporium
  rd 65001:10
  route-target export 65001:1
  route-target import 65001:1
mpls label protocol ldp
no mpls ip propagate-ttl 
interface FastEthernet0/0
  ip address
  mpls ip
  mpls mtu 1546
interface FastEthernet0/1
  ip vrf forwarding mpls1
  ip address
router bgp 65001
  no synchronization
  no bgp log-neighbor-changes
  neighbor remote-as 65001
  neighbor update-source Loopback0
  no auto-summary
  address-family vpnv4
  neighbor activate
  neighbor send-community extended
  address-family ipv4 vrf mpls1
  no auto-summary
  no synchronization
  network mask
ip route

On subsidary location, config is pretty much same, and their IP addresses
on VRF mpls1 are

Now I would like to translate all addresses to, so 
subsidaries would access servers on network as

Any hint, link, or sample config for this would be really appreciated :)

Thanks for help.

Have fun,
Primoz Jeroncic
Support - IP Connectivity & Routing
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