[c-nsp] Comparision between Cisco and Juniper Data CenterSwitches

Tony Varriale tvarriale at comcast.net
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Not necessarily directed at you Devin...

If you consider some of these design features an issue, I would recommend 
getting with your account team and getting a NDA in place.

There will be some changes made very soon that will have a major impact on 
the flexibility and general architecture of the Nexus platforms.

>I mean, how cool is OTV?

Sort of.

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Current Nexus 2148T doesn't support Etherchannel in the strictest sense (you
can do 2 port vPC down to the servers) or 100BASE-T.  They are strictly
1000BASE-T only -- this may bite you if you need 100BASE-T management ports,
etc.  Also keep in mind that the fabric extenders do not even perform L2
switching.  They are just Ethernet Host Virtualizers, which means they mux
all traffic up to the 5ks for processing.  And the N5ks do not support L3.
 There are many limitations.

But, if you need the SAN, virtualization, or 802.1ae features, there is no
comparison.  I would wait until late spring when the next model of N2k comes
out (should have proper Etherchannel, 100BASE-T, actual features, etc), and
then go Cisco.  Also NX-OS 5.0 is coming out soon too, and has a lot of
great features:

I mean, how cool is OTV?

Devin Kinch

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