[c-nsp] Add IPv6 on Cisco 7301 / BGP

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Fri Feb 26 09:32:17 EST 2010

On 2010.02.26 08:51, Stephane MAGAND wrote:
> Hi
> actually, i have a small labs:
> 1 Cisco 6506/Sup720
> 2 Cisco 7301
> 1 Cisco 7204
> All are connected to the 6500 with IPv4, ISIS and MPLS (MP BGP)
> The first Cisco 7301 are connected to a ISP A and the Second connected
> to the ISP B
> in classic IPv4 Bgp.
> I want add IPv6 on this network. My question:
> Anyone have a sample of BGP Config for the Cisco 7301 (Same routeur, same AS
> but IPv4 and IPv6) ?

Not from a 7301, but this cut/slice/paste shouldn't be much different:

router bgp 14270

 neighbor remote-as 64765
 neighbor peer-group toc
 neighbor description eBGP Peering from Works Dept

 neighbor 2001:470:1F0D:12E::1 remote-as 6939
 neighbor 2001:470:1F0D:12E::1 peer-group v6-transit
 neighbor 2001:470:1F0D:12E::1 description he.net

 address-family ipv4

 neighbor toc send-community
 neighbor toc default-originate
 neighbor toc remove-private-as
 neighbor toc soft-reconfiguration inbound
 neighbor toc prefix-list DEFAULT-OUT-V4 out
 neighbor toc route-map CUST-PREF-V4 in
 neighbor toc route-map COMMUNITY-NO-EXPORT out

 neighbor activate
 neighbor prefix-list WORKS-IN in

 address-family ipv6

 neighbor v6-transit prefix-list V6-TRANSIT-IN in
 neighbor v6-transit prefix-list V6-TRANSIT-OUT out
 neighbor 2001:470:1F0D:12E::1 activate

I don't know about IS-IS, as I use OSPF internally.


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