[c-nsp] ASR v VXR

Philip Davis pdavis at i2k.com
Fri Feb 26 09:57:41 EST 2010


    I've got a pair of 7200VXRs w/ NPE400s doing bba for 3 ATM DS3s as
well as T-1 aggregation and a server farm. I was looking at my options
for upgrading and consolidating these boxes and I think it would either
be an 7200VXR-G1 (G2?) or an ASR1002. These two options seem to carry
similar price tags, so I'm looking for feedback. Is it mostly a question
of desired feature set?
    Also, I realize that the ASR doesn't support ATM DS3. What solutions
are people using to terminate these circuits? I was thinking maybe a
small ATM switch? Does such a thing exist anymore?



Philip Davis
Systems Administrator
I-2000 Inc.
(616) 532-8425

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