[c-nsp] ASR v VXR

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Fri Feb 26 10:18:24 EST 2010

On Friday 26 February 2010 10:57:41 pm Philip Davis wrote:

>     I've got a pair of 7200VXRs w/ NPE400s doing bba for
>  3 ATM DS3s as well as T-1 aggregation and a server farm.
>  I was looking at my options for upgrading and
>  consolidating these boxes and I think it would either be
>  an 7200VXR-G1 (G2?) or an ASR1002. These two options
>  seem to carry similar price tags, so I'm looking for
>  feedback. Is it mostly a question of desired feature
>  set?
>     Also, I realize that the ASR doesn't support ATM DS3.
>  What solutions are people using to terminate these
>  circuits? I was thinking maybe a small ATM switch? Does
>  such a thing exist anymore?

I haven't had the chance to run the ASR1000 platform in a 
BRAS + Subscriber Management role, but for all intents and 
purposes, it would out-perform an NPE-G1 or NPE-G2 any day, 
given that much of the packet services are processed in the 
ESP (hardware).

IOS XE has been getting additional support for BRAS 
features, but you want to check and make sure that it 
mirrors current feature set, as much as possible.


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