[c-nsp] ASR v VXR

Brian Turnbow b.turnbow at twt.it
Fri Feb 26 12:23:39 EST 2010


>    I've got a pair of 7200VXRs w/ NPE400s doing bba for 3 ATM DS3s as
>well as T-1 aggregation and a server farm. I was looking at my options
>for upgrading and consolidating these boxes and I think it would either
>be an 7200VXR-G1 (G2?) or an ASR1002. These two options seem to carry
>similar price tags, so I'm looking for feedback. Is it mostly a
>of desired feature set?

>    Also, I realize that the ASR doesn't support ATM DS3. What
>are people using to terminate these circuits? I was thinking maybe a
>small ATM switch? Does such a thing exist anymore?

Note that the ASR does not support PPPoA which you may be using in ATM.
AFAIK it is not coming any time soon. 
We use G2 and G1s and G2s out perform g1s for forwarding packets.
Cisco upgrade path for us would be to 10k series, of course this changes
the  budget.
Not that an asr plus a 8500 would differ much....


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