[c-nsp] compact flash modules for Sup720-3bxl..

Dan Holme dan.holme at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 16:34:37 EST 2010

Well, that would fit my experiences Jason.

Looking through a few other SUPs running 12.2SR they all seem to have
SanDisk CF in.
However the ones I have running 12.2SX do not show the vendor of the
CF. Not sure whether that is IOS or CF related.

On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 9:19 PM, Jason Gurtz <jasongurtz at npumail.com> wrote:
>> Unfortunately you can't just use any flash card in the 6500/7600.
>> Theoretically all that is required is a standard ATA CF but I have
>> found that not all work.
>> You can find more info on the CF card like so "show disk0: filesys"
>> I have only had good experiences with:
>>    Manufacturer Name      SanDisk
>> ..but I am sure there are others that work okay.
> Recently, on another mailing list, a developer working with ATA drivers
> made claim that SanDisk is known to follow the ATA specs accurately,
> unlike many other manufacturers.  Something about a RESET command or
> something.  Maybe the SUP is sensitive to these kind of things and doesn't
> have workarounds coded up.
> Around here SanDisk isn't too expensive, so it seems like good peace of
> mind.
> ~JasonG
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Dan Holme

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