[c-nsp] compact flash modules for Sup720-3bxl..

Jason Gurtz jasongurtz at npumail.com
Fri Feb 26 16:19:37 EST 2010

> Unfortunately you can't just use any flash card in the 6500/7600.
> Theoretically all that is required is a standard ATA CF but I have
> found that not all work.
> You can find more info on the CF card like so "show disk0: filesys"
> I have only had good experiences with:
>    Manufacturer Name      SanDisk
> ..but I am sure there are others that work okay.

Recently, on another mailing list, a developer working with ATA drivers
made claim that SanDisk is known to follow the ATA specs accurately,
unlike many other manufacturers.  Something about a RESET command or
something.  Maybe the SUP is sensitive to these kind of things and doesn't
have workarounds coded up.

Around here SanDisk isn't too expensive, so it seems like good peace of

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