[c-nsp] Cable Modems taking too much time to get online

Juan C. Crespo R. jcrespo at ifxnw.com.ve
Fri Dec 2 09:50:59 EST 2011


     Guys, I have my HFC network with 6 forwards (EIA Channels 100 
651Mhz, 101 657 Mhz, 102 663 Mhz, 103 669 Mhz, 104 675 Mhz, 105 681 Mhz) 
mixed with the other Channels, the 4 returns path are divided in 
multiples return transmitters, none of them are mixed one again the other.

     New cable modems (Motorola 5120, 5102) are taking too much time to 
get online, this because the cable modems takes too long switching from 
channel 100 to channel 105, and the RFC return set for that zone in the 
105 CM Line Card.

     I really don't know how to solve this, so i will apreciate any idea.


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