[c-nsp] NSR in ASR 9000

Prashanth kumar smarni7468 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 12:30:01 EST 2011

I am new to ASR 9000 family. We are migrating some of the border routers to
ASR 9000. These have 2 RSP ( Route Switch Processor) one is active and
other standby.  it is in production,  We have RSP synched and RSP1 is
showing NSR ready (see below).  Does the ASR  RP swichover seamless, i.e
the OSPF  and BGP ( tcp) session get carried over to standby RP  or will
the neighbor relation get reset. The neigbor routers does not support
Gracefull restart (GR).

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:hostname# show redundancy
Sat Dec  3 17:23:04.602 UTC
Redundancy information for node 0/RSP0/CPU0:
Node 0/RSP0/CPU0 is in ACTIVE role
Partner node (0/RSP1/CPU0) is in STANDBY role
Standby node in 0/RSP1/CPU0 is ready
Standby node in 0/RSP1/CPU0 is NSR-ready

We dont have NSR turned on for routing protocols BGP and OSPF.  I have 2
quesions will the turning on NSR under OSPF cause ospf neigbor relaionship
to be reset and for BGP I think I need to reset the neighbor sessions to
kick in.


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