[c-nsp] OER Question

Robert Raszuk robert at raszuk.net
Tue Dec 6 21:07:22 EST 2011


 > you are fishing for an answer.

And what's wrong with that ???


> M K wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> i have the below OER question
>> i have been trying since a while but i am not sure about the solution
>> can anyone please help ?
>> Configure R4 to be the master controller and R1 and R2 to be the
>> Border routers.
>> The OER implementation should be optimized such that when the
>> packets with a DSCP of 41 is passing through the network, it is routed
>> out to
>> R1 exit interface and also, when a DSCP of 31 is passing through, it
>> is routed
>> out to R2 exit interface.
>> You are allowed to create extended ACL with one entry to accomplish
>> this task.
>> Set active probes only
>> For traffic going from Vlan 44 to YY.YY.55.5, set jitter as 40, delay
>> as 20, probe frequency as 2.
>> Enable constant probe via all exit interfaces.
>> R5 -- SW2 -- SW1 -- R1 F0/0
>> R1 S0/0 -- R4 S0/0 , R4 S0/1 -- R2 S0/0
>> R2 F0/0 -- SW4 -- SW3
>> all the switches are trunk interconnected
> The wording on this question sounds suspiciously like a Cisco
> certification question and that you are fishing for an answer.

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