[c-nsp] Catalyst 6500 Snmp IfIndex Assignment Logic

Andrew Miehs andrew at 2sheds.de
Thu Dec 8 20:02:13 EST 2011

On 09/12/2011, at 1:47 AM, Michael Balasko wrote:
> I normally would take a same chassis and build the switch identical(Line card wise) to what is being converted and then when I swap the SUP's they all line up but in this case I am up the brown fecal river, paddle-less.
> I've called TAC but I  got the we dunno its not supported answer.
> More subtext:
> I flipped a  Sup720 from Cat to IOS and then deleted the ifindex table from nvram: and then followed it up with a write erase. I powered off the switch, pulled every line card out and then powered up the switch. When the SUP was back alive I inserted a 6148TX into slot 3 and got an index number of 77 as the start index. The old one is 86.  I see that the Sup starts at 1 and the rest to me is not really decipherable.

Although not the answer to your question, a possible work around would be to extract the interface names attached to each ifindex before and after the migration, and do your transposition based on that?



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