[c-nsp] Catalyst 6500 Snmp IfIndex Assignment Logic

Andrew Miehs andrew at 2sheds.de
Fri Dec 9 01:31:03 EST 2011

Why extended? A small perl/ ruby script which collects the values
beforehand and then after reboot a second script that compares the
values and updates your software. Or do you set these things via a
clickablf gui?

You should be back up and monitoring within 5 min.

On 09.12.2011, at 02:09, Michael Balasko
<Michael.Balasko at cityofhenderson.com> wrote:

> That is what we are faced with so far as the only option but like I mentioned, no visibility to over 500 physical devices for an extended period of time is makes bladder control difficult.

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