[c-nsp] Weird Multicast microburst amplification issue

Duane Grant duaneogrant at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 10:26:07 EST 2011

I've had pretty bad luck using flex10 modules with multicast market data.
 We've had lots of driver related issues and are still fighting with packet
loss which, at least for me, is much harder to debug.  Our blades were
running windows and solaris, so you might have better luck if you're
running some flavor of linux.  We've got the NIC sliced up into 3 VNICs of
4Gb,4Gb and 2Gb.

I've got 4900Ms and 5010s and I don't see issues like this at mkt data
rates higher (OPRA) than we're supporting on the flex10s.


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