[c-nsp] Dual homed EIGRP CE MPLS connection

Gert Doering gert at greenie.muc.de
Fri Dec 16 12:40:39 EST 2011


On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 11:39:49PM +0100, Andrew Miehs wrote:
> I am currently using "distribute-list prefix in" on the PES to
> protect EIGRP process. Without this, the "other" PE will end up
> learning the default route via EIGRP from the first PE.

We've used EIGRP on PE-CE links in the past and used prefix-list filters
incoming and outoing to enforce policy - which worked as well as for BGP,
and it's about the same amount of config work, so I think that approach
is fine.

We did have enormous problems with EIGRP in VRFs in various 12.3/12.4 
and also 12.2SX IOS versions - missing features (like static neighbours
to work around multicast-broken L2 links) and just plain "not working",
so you need to test that whether it works for you - no experience in
doing so on an ASR...

OTOH, using eBGP as PE-CE protocol has one significant and HUGE advantage:
everybody is doing this, so it gets tested, and bugs get fixed.

> PS: and use eBGP is not helpful :)

Yeah, I've seen that, but given the lack of proper testing and feature
completeness on lots of things that come out of Cisco without "everybody is
using it!" demand behind it, it *might* be worth another thought.

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