[c-nsp] 7600 route-target import and import map

ar ar_djp at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 27 02:09:38 EST 2011

Hi everyone.

I have two scenarios:

1. VRF-lite leaks on a single PE router

        This is working. Example, vlan500 on VRF-A leaked to VRF-B. ANd vlan 600 on VRF-B leaked to VRF-A.
         But sometimes I'm getting weird results. Leaking not functioning.
         Any ideas?

2. if import map is configured, does route-target import command still matters?

    On my GNS3 simulation, if there's an import map, the "route-target import" command is not needed anymore.
    But I have a scenario wherein routes were not added in the import map, but still being leaked...very weird...
    Any ideas?

thanks and happy new year!

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