[c-nsp] How to see interface configuration after card failure on ASR9K

John Neiberger jneiberger at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 14:13:35 EST 2011

I thought for sure there was a command that would show the
preconfigured interfaces. As soon as I insert the new card, the
preexisting configuration will magically appear again. I just want to
verify what that configuration is. I just found the command "show
running-config all-interfaces" which at least lists the missing
interfaces, but it doesn't actually show their configuration. That
seems strange.

IOS-XR is definitely a strange beast. lol  I like it, but it's taking
a while to get used to it.

On Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 11:31 AM, Mark Tinka <mtinka at globaltransit.net> wrote:
> On Wednesday, December 28, 2011 02:19:24 AM Jason Lixfeld
> wrote:
>> Show config rollback last X (or some variant of that)
>> should show you what you want to see.
> 'sh configuration rollback changes last' to be exact.
> But that will only show the OP changes that were applied to
> a running configuration.
> I think what the OP is looking for is, basically, a version
> of the total configuration prior to a line card being pulled
> out.
> To increase your chances of finding this, John, I'll suggest
> checking the high-numbered commits, e.g., 90, 91, e.t.c., or
> the commits that correspond to when the line card was first
> installed into the router.
> Mark.

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