[c-nsp] dumb BGP ipv6 peer group question

John Brown john at citylinkfiber.com
Tue Dec 27 18:25:42 EST 2011

I'm trying to turn up some IPv6 peers.  Most of them are already IPv4 peers.

I have a peer group defined in the IPv4 world.

I try to do

cr01.lax(config-router)#address-family ipv6 unicast
cr01.lax(config-router-af)#neig 2001:XXX:YY::ZZ remote AAAAA
cr01.lax(config-router-af)#neig 2001:XXX:YY::ZZ peer Any2IX-LAX-PEER

And I get the following error

% Members of peer-group must use the same transport

Here is relevant snips of my BGP config.

router bgp QQQQQ
 no bgp enforce-first-as
 bgp log-neighbor-changes
 neighbor Any2IX-LAX-PEER peer-group
 neighbor Any2IX-LAX-PEER description Any2IX-LAX-Base-Config
 neighbor Any2IX-LAX-PEER update-source g6/2


 address-family ipv4
 neighbor Any2IX-LAX-PEER activate
 neighbor Any2IX-LAX-PEER next-hop-self
 neighbor Any2IX-LAX-PEER send-community both
 neighbor Any2IX-LAX-PEER soft-reconfiguration inbound
 neighbor Any2IX-LAX-PEER route-map Any2IX-LAX-ROUTE-MAP in
 neighbor Any2IX-LAX-PEER maximum-prefix 5000
 neighbor Any2IX-LAX-PEER filter-list 100 out


 no auto-summary
 no synchronization

 address-family ipv6
 neighbor 2001:XXX:YY::ZZ activate

Mucho thanks for the help.

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