[c-nsp] remove spanning-tree without being service effecting

James Urwiller jurwiller at americanbb.com
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I can't use REP on any of the cisco boxes I have in the ring, not
supported.  Unless I am missing something?  I have lots of L2 only
circuits, so I cant use something like OSPF entirely; even though I do
use it for my Internal routing. And the problem I am having is exactly
that.. not being able to filter spanning-tree facing the customer
because of the Brocade bug.  I appreciate everyones comments, but I
think we are getting a little off track here, I am not asking a design
question, but rather how to remove spanning-tree from my existing
equipment with the least amount of impact to existing traffic.  Thank

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Hi James,

I think it's a design problem.  Ethernet L2 ring sounds bad to me.
Especially  multi-vendor  rings  are not a good idea.  
What about to replace the Brocade stuff with cisco, there are only 2 in
your ring?   Or do you really need a L2 ring, why not L3 with routing
protocol?  Or cloud you filter spanning tree facing to the customer, at
least.   That is best practise. 

 Also REP would work better, but has to be  tested  in  lab of course! 

Thanks Gregor 

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