[c-nsp] GRE tunnel bandwidth

Chuck Church chuckchurch at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 12:20:28 EDT 2012

Tunnel bandwidth command (or any interface bandwidth) is used for
statistics-computation only.  It does factor into QOS too if you use
percentage type commands.  I'm guessing there are two possible things to
look at.  The CPU of the devices doing the tunnel endpoints is high because
of the encapsulation, or else the tunnel MTU is affecting the clients (if


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I have some users experiencing slow file transfers over a GRE tunnel. The
tunnel is riding over 10-gig links. I see that the default tunnel bandwidth
is 8 Mbps. Does that mean that the tunnel is rate limited to that value? If
so, is the simple solution raising the bandwidth with the "tunnel bandwidth
transmit" command?

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