[c-nsp] Problem with ip vrf receive command

Luca Tortiglione luca.tortiglione at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 11:06:30 EDT 2012

Ok Tim,
now i have RD configured.

by using ip vrf receive VTC,
i have that address belonging to global routing table and to VTC routing table.

I need these route/addresses let communicate between them.

I think something is going wrong, because the ping doesn't work.

I read an access-list is mandatory to specify "when" treat the network
as a network inside the vrf.
But if i delete access-list 100, i can ping anyway.

Any idea to how to allow a vlan not belonging a VRF to communicate
inside the VRF and viceversa ?

2012/8/9 Tim Franklin <tim at pelican.org>:
>> I know RD and route-target are used only by BGP.
> Right, but even for "vrf-lite", Cisco still require you to assign an RD before the VRF becomes activated.
> Regards,
> Tim.



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