[c-nsp] a9k (mLACP) ICCP -dropping down targeted ldp session

adam vitkovsky adam.vitkovsky at swan.sk
Thu Aug 16 10:55:15 EDT 2012

Hi folks

I ran into an unpleasant behavior with mLACP or I should say ICCP
Because ICCP is using targeted LDP session - when I specified new neighbor
(same loopback IP as LDP peer) my existing targeted session with the other
PE gets restarted automatically to negotiate the new ICCP capability

That of course would have been disruptive event

So I guess the best practice is to use a diferent set of loopback
interfaces/IPs specifically for mLACP/ICCP 

Or is there a way to start multisession LDP please? -like is the default
behaviour with BGP
I'm interested to see how would you work around this please


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