[c-nsp] asr901 - vlan-based eompls (l2vpn) supported ?

Aaron aaron1 at gvtc.com
Thu Aug 23 09:49:28 EDT 2012

does vlan-based eompls l2vpn work on asr901 ?  ...in 15.1(2)SNH ?  i can't
get it to work using the following config...am i doing something wrong ?


901#sh ver | in IOS

Cisco IOS Software, 901 Software (ASR901-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.1(2)SNH,


901#conf t

Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.

901(config)#int vl 20

901(config-if)#xconnect 20 encapsulation mpls

The Vl20 a vlan interface - command rejected.


901(config-if)#xconnect ?

  <1-4294967295>  Enter VC ID value


901(config-if)#xconnect 20 ?

  encapsulation  Data encapsulation method

  pw-class       Pseudowire-class to use for encapsulation and protocol


901(config-if)#xconnect 20 encapsulation ?

  l2tpv3  Use L2TPv3 encapsulation

  mpls    Use MPLS encapsulation


901(config-if)#xconnect 20 encapsulation mpls ?

  manual    Manually configure MPLS session parameters

  pw-class  Optional pseudowire-class to use for advanced configuration



901(config-if)#xconnect 20 encapsulation mpls

The Vl20 a vlan interface - command rejected.






**** PORT-BASED is working.



901#sh run in g0/3

Building configuration...


Current configuration : 170 bytes


interface GigabitEthernet0/3

no negotiation auto

service instance 1 ethernet

  encapsulation untagged

  xconnect 20 encapsulation mpls

   mtu 1500




901#sh xcon

901#sh xconnect all | in 0/3

UP     ac   Gi0/3:1(Ethernet)            UP mpls





*** VLAN-BASED is working on my me3600...




3600#sh run in vl 12

Building configuration...


Current configuration : 123 bytes


interface Vlan12

ip address

load-interval 30

xconnect 312 encapsulation mpls




3600#sh xconnect all

Legend:    XC ST=Xconnect State  S1=Segment1 State  S2=Segment2 State

  UP=Up       DN=Down            AD=Admin Down      IA=Inactive

  SB=Standby  HS=Hot Standby     RV=Recovering      NH=No Hardware


XC ST  Segment 1                         S1 Segment 2


UP pri   ac Vl12:12(Eth VLAN)            UP mpls



3600#sh ver | in IOS

Cisco IOS Software, ME360x Software (ME360x-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version
15.2(2)S, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)









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