[c-nsp] Need SDR info present on XR device.

Sai Kishore gvssaikishore at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 13:21:46 EDT 2012

Hi Experts,

My question is on SDR present in the Cisco IOS-XR device

 As you all aware of logging into any module (FWSM, WISM )  present inside
Cat65K(Chassis device)  using the following command.
"session slot <slot num> processor 1"

With this command , User can able to login into module with its credentials.
and can get the 'show version' and 'show run' command outputs of the module.

Similarly is there any command to login into non-owner (named) sdr from
owner sdr (IOS XR device)

If there is no command on IOS-XR device , then how can we get the outputs
of SDR 'show version' , 'show run' etc..(Assume SDR is configured without
ip address)

Any possible solutions to this above scenario ?

Sai Kishore.

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