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L2tpv3 does not work well with the embedded switch-ports on the 870/1800
Routers since they tend to collect the stp/dot-q/.. pakets.

With 1812 and the two "real" Fastethernet ports,
Stp and also full-ethernetframe  including dot-q tags get transmitted.

So I used one of the switch-ports in vlan1 for the IP Transport connection.
IOS was c181x-adventerprisek9-mz.124-9.T.bin

With this IOS you can use the ip-adress of the LAN interface for the L2tpv3.
So you are not bound to have a loopback interface, as seen in later IOses.

Probably, the "WAN" "Internet" Port of an 871 may work, but
Those devices have an external power-supply.

With the 180[123]/1811/1812, you have at least one real FastEthernet Port
for the "internet-crossover" Cable; embedded xDSL Modem or second FAS
for the WAN Connection and a crypto-copro for the encryption of that Cable.

Hope this help's,


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> Also, can I have a mesh of tunnels between (3) different endpoints, so
> 3 different cisco 800's with (2) tunnels per 800 to the other (2)
> 800's, such that (3) lan switches hanging off the lan side of the 800's
> appear to be all
> 3 meshed together AND PASS STP/CDP/VTP, etc ?
> Aaron
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> Aaron,
> You should be able to deploy L2TPv3 with the smaller ISR routers... The
> 800 series support it (not sure what software feature set is needed...)
> Arie
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> What is the smallest/cheapest cisco router that supports L2TPv3?
> I work at an isp and have small/medium sized businesses that
> occasionally want transparent lan connectivity between their sites
> (which are connected via FTTH, DSL, Cable Modem).
> Is L2TPv3 tunneling the way to go for something like that ?
> I don't really want to set up all kinds of qinq or mpls l2vpn's in my
> core if I can avoid it.
> Also, tunneling endpoints at the customer premise seems that the
> dslam/olt/cmts would not have to be wise at all about the tunneling
> architecture. 
> Lemme know your thoughts/suggestions please
> Aaron

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